What is a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance?

PIRB (The Plumbing Industry Registration Board) is laying out a new system where a licensed plumber / plumbing company will be able to self-certify their work by issuing a plumbing compliance certificate, also known as a COC, to the owner of the property they worked at (also municipalities, local authority and insurance companies). This ensures that the plumber / plumbing company is held accountable for the work they have done.

The compliance certificates are issued by licensed plumbers to certify that all their plumbing work complies with the regulatory installations requirements. This plumbing certificate of compliance will be issued for most plumbing work done, including the following:

  • For the installation, replacement or relocation of any electric water heating systems (regardless what the cost). This includes hot water solar water heating systems and heat pump water heating systems.
  • For all individual and separate installations on site.
  • For any plumbing work where the total cost if more than R1500 (incl materials, labour and VAT).
  • For the installation, construction or alteration for any above or below ground sanitary drains (regardless of cost).

The certificate of compliance should be issued to the owner within 5 working days of the work being finished.  The certificate of compliance should include the following:

  • The plumbers’ name and license number
  • The address of the site worked on (including postal code)
  • Date the work was completed
  • The numeric code for each category of plumbing work done should be circled and the work not done, crossed out
  • Details of all appliances and fixtures installed, as well as all the relevant serial codes
  • The signature of the licensed plumber and the date
  • Any clarification regarding the limit of work done should be written in the space provided
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