Best time to irrigate your garden

As most of us have lawns at our residences, we should know that careless watering can damage your grass and the environment. Most standard sized lawns require about 2.54 cm of water per week, but every yard is different. Many people attempt a little water daily during the course of the week, but this isn’t nearly as effective as one thorough soak at the right time.

The best time to irrigate your lawn is before the sun rises in the morning. Not only is city water pressure usually strongest at this hour, the water will also sufficiently soak into the topsoil and when the sun rises, the extra water will be evaporated, avoiding fungal growth. At this hour, the wind is usually at its calmest too. Irrigating in windy conditions or when it is humid causes the water to be wasted, as it blows away or evaporates before it reaches its intended destination.

Having an automatic sprinkler system, it is easy to set the timer and the amount of water you want to use. Should you not be able to water your lawn in the morning, the next best time would be after sunset. The worst time of day to water your lawn, is midday. The water will evaporate quickly, before the soil can absorb any of it.

Newly planted lawns require more irrigation than an established lawn. Water the lawn just enough daily to keep the soil wet, without washing away valuable seeds. As the lawn becomes more established, water less often, but for longer periods at a time to promote the growth of deep roots.

Sprinklers: When selecting a sprinkler system, take into consideration your yard size and shape. A clever way to monitor where the water distributes to accurately, would be to place empty cans around the yard and see where the most water accumulate.

Lawn Irrigation System: This is a major time saver, convenient and the best way to save water.  To use this system most efficiently, constantly adjust your system based on the season. It is fruitless to have your lawn irrigated in a rain storm. Program your timer to water your garden in the correct cycles. Harder ground and slopes cannot absorb water quick enough without having some of it run down the hill. Irrigate for shorter periods, this allows the water to soak into the soil.

When your property is on a slope, it is better to set the timer to water twice in quick accession to allow access water to soak in, as running the sprinkler for more than 10 minutes could mean that access water run-off, as it does not get soaked up quick enough.

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