How to save with a heat pump

South Africa is one of the countries with the highest carbon emissions in the world. This not only increases the demand for electricity, but also the cost and has a negative impact on the environment.  Implementing energy saving devices, like solar panels and heat pumps are just one of the many things you can do.

A heat pump could save you between 30 – 70% on your monthly utility bill. It is important though to factor into consideration the climate of where you live, as this does influence the pump somewhat, so make sure you install the correct pump to work best for your location. Heat pumps uses small amounts of energy to move heat from one medium to another, creating more heat while using less energy than regular devices like a geyser. A heat pump is three times more energy efficient than a geyser.  If you take a family of 4 that make use of warm water every day, this equals to about R500 of electricity for the month. By using a heat pump, this amount can be more than halved.

Heat pumps are on average 56% cheaper to run than gas boilers according to the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning magazine. Having one of these pumps can be completely cost free after installation, if you use renewable energy sources like solar to power your heat pump.  They are low on maintenance, have a long lifespan – they can last up to 25 years, and can also be used for cooling (most pumps can be reversed into functioning as air conditioners).

Installing a heat pump is more expensive than both electric & solar geysers. But if you take into consideration the relentless rise of electricity cost in South Africa, the payback period for the more expensive pump, is becoming shorter as the price of electricity climbs. They are easy to maintain and the cost of this maintenance is low. And not only is using a heat pump better for your pocket, but using less electricity equals less emissions, confirming this is a more ‘green’ way to go.

Eskom even offers rebates on heat pump installations as encouragement to consumers to save electricity. However, you will only qualify for this rebate if you are retrofitting or replacing existing electrical geysers. Alternatively, consumers can purchase heat pumps at rebated cost from accredited & registered suppliers. There is no need to apply for a rebate from Eskom, as heat pumps sold by registered suppliers are already rebated by Eskom, giving you the rebate upfront.

Heat pump size between 301 – 500 liters, Eskom rebate @ R4320

Heat pump size between 100 – 300 liters, Eskom rebate @ R 3668

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