Potential problems with septic tank

As with most things in life, a septic tank also has its limitations. Below see some of the possible problems and warnings that go hand in hand with a septic tank.

  • Chemical overload: Certain chemicals damage the bacterial components of the septic tank, especially harmful ones like pesticides, herbicides, bleach, caustic soda or paint solvents.
  • Note that other chemicals like silver nitrate (even in small dosages) can kill and entire culture of bacteria.
  • If your septic tank is located close to trees, regularly check for roots which may penetrate the pipes or clogging of the drain field. Take into consideration if you have a concrete septic tank, with age it develops cracks and small leaks. Trees close to these tanks grow faster as they get mass amounts of nutrients from the tank.
  • If you flush salt water into the septic tank, this could lead to Sodium Binding in the drain field. This basically binds the clay and fine silt and makes the soil waterproof, leaving you with a very ineffective drain field.
  • Things that usually clogs a septic tank: sanitary pads, tampons, cotton buds, cigarette butts and any other non-biodegradable items.
  • High rainfall and flooding from bad weather can all prevent a drain field from working properly and cause serious back-ups.
  • Over time, biofilms develop on the pipes of the drain field and this could lead to blockages.

septic-tank-2 Should you have any of these problems, call Plumb 24/7 for assistance.


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