Do’s and don’ts of storm water

There are several problems which can occur in storm water pipes, especially if special care is not taken. No one should use storm water drains to flush things like garbage, motor oil and wet cement away. Having a blocked storm water drain can be very dangerous. The drain can overflow during heavy downpours, causing flooding. If you suspect your storm water drain is blocked, contact our 24 hour plumbing line today!


  • Keep materials like paint and solvents clear of gutters and drainclean drain
  • Dispose of turpentine properly
  • Regularly pick up pet poop and dispose of them accordingly
  • Throw your garbage away in a can and not in the street where water can carry it towards a storm drain
  • Try and use natural ‘pesticides’ if need be on your lawn and plants


  • Don’t wash out cement mixers in the street where the waste flows into street drainsdont for stormwater drains
  • Don’t leave sand or gravel uncovered where it can blow into gutters and drains
  • Don’t drop cigarette butts or packaging on the ground where water can carry it to the drains
  • Don’t leave rubbish out on the street
  • Storm water are not allowed to go into the sewage lines


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